Chemistry Round 1

This year of Liger we started to have a chemistry built in our essential. I found out that I do like chemistry, especially learning about the atoms. This term, we were learning the introduction of chemistry: Matters, Mole and Molar mass, Periodic Table, Atom Structure, Electron Configuration, and Valence Electron. The topic that I think it was struggling for me is the Electron Configuration. Moreover, we did a lot of experiments: Coin Density, Liquid Density, and Flame Emission.

The picture was taken after the flame emission lab.

The most interesting lab was the Flame Emission! For this experiment, we try to burn many types of salt like Copper (II) chloride, Lithium Chloride, Potassium Chloride etc. Each of these salt emits a different type of color: for Copper (II) Chloride emits cyan light. It was a really fun experiment that I ever have out of other experiments.

For my final project of the round, I did a presentation that explains to the class about the Electron Configuration. I choose this topic because it was a difficult topic to understand, so I just challenge myself to do it. It turns out that I did it very well, my classmates asked me more questions about the topic and I got 1 bonus point!

If you want to see more of my presentation:

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