Smart School

For the past 12 weeks, I had come up with an idea of deploying a smart home system in Liger since I found out that there were some students didn’t turn off the lights or AC after they leave the room. Also, it is very important for distinguished people to come in their class and have everything prepared for fans on and AC on. So this is why I come up with this idea of creating a smart school, where anyone in Liger can turn everything off and on with their devices. So to break that down, I am working with Infrared Radiation to send signals to all of the devices in the school that us remote control. Currently, I’m working on controlling only fans in a room, Lab Innovation, first since the remote control always lost and easier devices. So under here is my circuit on the fan.

The circuit draw in

The pronunciation class

This is my video that I create with Kananea, Hongly and Vattey. This movie is about the four friends see something strange and they jump in, and it teleport them to the…. Please watch it you will regret if you not watch it. I just want to tell you that all the effect are for internet. Sorry!:(


Checking Banana DNA

Here is what we done in STEM class, one May 20, 2016 at STEM class we had made an experiment about the banana DNA. At the end of the experiment we did saw DNA of banana floating on the alcohol.

Our experiment on the glass bottle
Our experiment on the glass bottle
There's the DNA
There’s the DNA
Here's me with my experiment
Here’s me with my experiment
Waiting for the DNA floating
Waiting for the DNA floating
Banana DNA on the microscope
Banana DNA on the microscope

Sonnet about Kampong Chhnang

Kampong Chhnang Sonnet Poem

I am from Kampong Chhnang in Cambodia

My province is peaceful and lots of fun

There are fun posts in Facebook media

People there like to play and sometimes run

At Khmer new year we love to play powder

In morning we go to the pagoda

To give food to monks and my ancestors

I usually go there with my mama


I like to play Kla Klok with my aunty

Family traditional food is Chap Chai

Chap Chai is not really similar to curry

In pagoda we forbidden to lie

Kampong Chhnang is my most favorite region

Although they don’t have desalination


Thank you letters in Khmer

Logo of ឈ្មោះអង្កកាយើង
your NGO អស័យដ្ឋាន


លោកប្រធាន និងសហការីនៃអង្កកា_លោកប្រធានជាទីគោរពដ៏ខ្ពង់ខ្ពស់

        ក្នុងនាមខ្ញុំបាទឬនាងខ្ញុំ និងសិស្សានុសិស្ស ទាំងអស់នៃអង្កកា______________ សូមថ្លៃងអំណរ
គុណយ៉ាងជ្រាលជ្រៅបំផុតចំពោះលោកប្រធាន និងសហការីដែលបានផ្ដល់______________កាលពីថ្ងៃ
ការផ្ដល់______________របស់លោកប្រធាន អាចបញ្ជាក់បានការយកចិត្តទុកខ្ពស់លើវិស័យ
យើងខ្ញុំសូមប្រសិទ្ធិពរជ័យ សេរីមង្គល់ វិបុលសុខ គ្រប់ប្រការចំពោះ លោកប្រធាន និងសហការីសូម
ទទួលនូវ ពុទ្ធពរទាំងបួនប្រការគឺ អាយុ វណ្ណៈ សុខៈ ពលៈ និងទទួលបានជោកជ័យគ្រប់ភារកិច្ច។

ធ្វើនៅ​______________ នៅថ្ងៃ______________




ផ្លូវ​ ១១២ ភូមិចំពុះក្អែក សង្កាត់ព្រែកថ្មី

ខណ្ឌមានជ័យ រាជធានី ភ្នំពេញ



លោកប្រធាន និងសហការីនៃអង្កកាប្រភពប្រាជ្ញា លោកប្រធានជាទីគោរពដ៏ខ្ពង់ខ្ពស់

      ក្នុងនាមខ្ញុំបាទ និងសិស្សានុសិស្ស ទាំងអស់នៃអង្កកា​សប្បុរស់ធម៍ឡៃហ្គ័រ សូមថ្លៃងអំណរគុណយ៉ាងជ្រាលជ្រៅបំផុតចំពោះលោកប្រធាន និងសហការីដែលបានផ្ដល់សៀវភៅមួយចំនួន កាលពីថ្ងៃអង្គារ ទី១៧ ឆ្នាំ២០១៥ កន្លងមកនេះ។

    ការផ្ដល់សៀវភៅទាំងអស់នេះរបស់លោកប្រធាន អាចបញ្ជាក់បានការយកចិត្តទុកខ្ពស់លើវិស័យអប់រំសំរាប់សិស្សានុសិស្សទាំងអស់នៅក្នុងប្រទេសកម្ពុជា។យើងខ្ញុំសូមប្រសិទ្ធិពរជ័យ សេរីមង្គល់ វិបុលសុខ គ្រប់ប្រការចំពោះ លោកប្រធាន និងសហការីសូមទទួលនូវ  ពុទ្ធពរទាំងបួនប្រការគឺ អាយុ វណ្ណៈ សុខៈ ពលៈ និងទទួបានជោកជ័យគ្រប់ភារកិច្ច។

សេចក្ដីគួរពំគួរ សូមលោកប្រធានមេត្តាអភ័យទោស។

ធ្វើនៅរាជធានីភ្នំពេញ នៅថ្ងៃទី ៣ ខែ មិនា ឆ្នាំ២០១៦


សៅ សួ វិសាល

Ministry Of Education, Youth and sport

DSC_6733Dom share














At 12th of January, 2016 there were a gigantic event at Liger. Many ministers and school directors came to listen to Liger student presentation about Liger curriculum. At that time I was presenting about Khmer and English literacy. For the first presentation I felt extremely anxious because I my first time that I presented to the high educated people. But the second and the rest I started to felt normal, in this presentation I had received plenty of comments that are really good for developing my education.

Comprehension Check

[wr_row][wr_column][wr_tab el_title=”Dragon Sitter Disaster 1st Chapter ” div_margin_top=”0″ div_margin_left=”0″ div_margin_bottom=”25″ div_margin_right=”0″ initial_open=”1″ fade_effect=”no” tab_position=”top” appearing_animation=”0″ ][wr_item_tab heading=”Comprehension Check 1″ disabled_el=”no” ]Comprehension Check

1. Who is Jemima and what happened to her?

Jemima is the rabbit that the dragon had swallowed.

2. Choose three and tell me what they mean in your own words: ­ (3) looking very pleased

­ (5) fetch him: come and collect the dragon  ­ (8) the loo: the bathroom  ­ (9) being at the end of your tether

­ (18) kidnapped: the bad people/person that capture the gentle people/person

3. Summarize what Eddie learned on the internet about what dragons eat (in your own words).

What Eddie learned on the internet is: the dragon devours the coal and it likes to eat the women that are young and unmarried (damsel).

4. What happened to the fridge? What happened to the carpet? What happened to the curtains?

The dragon had made a lot of problems in Eddie’s house like, the fridge door had a hole, the carpet was stained with the dragon poo, and the curtains had blazed.

5. Where do you think Uncle Morton is?

I think Uncle Morton went to the beach.[/wr_item_tab][wr_item_tab heading=”Comprehension Check 2″ disabled_el=”no” ]Comprehension Check

1. When Eddie calls the dragon “poor” and “defenceless,” what does that mean? Do you think it’s true?

When Eddie calls the dragon “poor” and ”defenceless,” his objective is to show that the dragon is weak. I don’t think the dragon is defenceless.  

2. Choose three and tell me what they mean in your own words: ­ (23) pram

­ (23) gobble up

­ (28) alight: means on fire  ­

(30) smoke alarms: the object that tells you there is a fire happening; it sounds like TRUG TRUG  ­

(32) ashamed: when you did something to irritate or make someone painful you should feel bad about yourself.     

3. What happened with Tigger and Maud?

When the dragon was snoozing Tigger and Maud came into Eddie’s region and then unluckily the dragon woke up and saw them walking around in front of their yard. So the dragon came and attacked Tigger, and Maud got caught by the dragon’s jaws, but Maud is really intelligent so he turned around and scratched the dragon’s face. So the dragon was hurting, and so it was the enormous opportunity for Maud to get out of the dragon’s jaws.

4. What does Eddie think made the dragon breathe fire on the postman?

Eddie thinks the dragon did not mean that. The dragon put the flames because the letter frightened him through the letterbox. 

5. Do the firemen come and see the dragon when Mom invites them in? Why or why not?

First all the firemen wanted to go and see, but they alternated between going to see and not going to see when Eddie’s mom invites them to see the dragon because they realize that the dragon was extinct many years ago. 

6. Who do you think the postcard is from? Why?

For my idea I think the postcard is from Uncle Morton because Eddie saw it and he knows it is from his Uncle Morton.[/wr_item_tab][wr_item_tab heading=”Comprehension Check 3″ disabled_el=”no” ]Comprehension Check

1. Why does it look like the kids won’t be getting any lunch?
It looks like the kids won’t be getting any lunch for a temporary time because the dragon was in the kitchen. Even Eddie says some bad words to the dragon, and the dragon still stays as cool as a cucumber.

2. Tell me what the dragon does in the kitchen in your own words.

When the dragon was in the kitchen, he got his ball rolling by doing plenty of unnecessary things like damaging all of the food in the kitchen.

3. What are some of the benefits to giving the dragon chocolate? What are some disadvantages?

The benefits of giving the chocolate to the dragon is making him behave better. The disadvantage is, the dragon becomes a fat dragon.

4. Why isn’t Cupcake a suitable name for a dragon? What would you name a pet dragon? Why?

Cupcake isn’t a suitable name for a dragon because the dragon is not a snack. You know, over the past two years I ruined my brother’s dragon toy and that toy was named NaNek. So he always cried over the spilled milk to me to buy the new dragon toy for him. So if I had a dragon I would name it NaNek.[/wr_item_tab][/wr_tab][/wr_column][/wr_row]

My weakness/strength of Liger Changing Agents Characteristic

All students in the world have their own strength and their own weakness. Example me, so let’s me tell you about my weakness and my strength.

My two weakness is:

Networker: means making the connection with other people that you don’t know and people that you know in business way. You know why my weakness is networker? I’m not a good networker because I’m scare of people. Other thing that make me not a good networker because I don’t know what to speak to with other people and don’t know how to follow up the questions. Example: with people that I need to interview and telling about my product. I want to improve on it.

Competitive: means try to be the best of yourself and try to win something. You know why my second weakness is competitive. My weakness is competitive because I feel mud to myself and always think “I’m not going to win them”. Example when I have competition with my friend, and when they win me I always give up and don’t want to have competition with them again.  

Problem Solvers: means when faced with challenge, problem solver don’t give up. I think my strength is Problem Solvers because most of facilitators said that I always helped people that have technology problem. That is my facilitators think, what I think about my strength is…

→ At the third years of Liger I had faced one problem while I’m tried to fix old computers. That problem was the computer exploded, at that time I really scared and then I found the answer why the computer exploded. Then I also found where is the problem, and the problem is the power supply. Then easy I just change the power supply. At the end the computer was fixed and it worked well.

Proactive: means taking an initiative. My strength is proactive because I’m boy that want to get something done even I have a trip or other exception that make me can not go to school. Example at fourth of the Liger at the Phnong Exploration, we had a trip to Mondulkiri for five days. When I came back I didn’t know about what going on at Liger. So I asked some students that had class with me that not went to Mondulkiri about all the homework that teacher putted. Then I did most of the homework and some of the homework I didn’t finished because of time.


My Vocab Quiz

[wr_row][wr_column][wr_tab #_EDITTED el_title=”My Vocab Quiz (1-6)” div_margin_top=”0″ div_margin_left=”0″ div_margin_bottom=”25″ div_margin_right=”0″ initial_open=”1″ fade_effect=”no” tab_position=”top” appearing_animation=”0″ disabled_el=”no” ][wr_item_tab heading=”Vocab Quiz #1″ disabled_el=”no” ]

Name: Visal

Date: September 14,15


1. What does it mean to appear? Then, write me an example sentence.

→ Appear means to pop up or show up

Example: Dom just appear


2. Sort by part of speech: autumn, bay, beak, bumpy, care, check, chilly, chore, community, country. If a word can be more than one part of speech, PUT IT IN MORE THAN ONE BOX.
















3. Write a sentence explaining what it means to bloom.

→ My brother always bloom the bubbles when my sister blew the bubble. I think you are confused between burst and bloom.


4. Name two things that make a buzzing sound.

→ Bee, Speaker that put the buzz sound


5. Describe a time when you have “burst into tears” orburst out laughing.”

→ The time that I haven’t Burst into tears but I had seen people burst into tear when they met some thing that the scare to them example spiders.


6. When have you ever comforted someone? Who was it, what did you do and what was the problem?

→ I had comforted Vuthy when he sad because he lost his coding.


[/wr_item_tab][wr_item_tab heading=”Vocab Quiz #2″ disabled_el=”no” ]

Name: Visal

Date: September 18, 2015


1. If you were covered in paint, would you want to go to a party? Why or why not? If I covered with paint I will not to a party because my body fill with paint and made I so shy to other people.  


2. Who sleeps in a cradle?

The baby is sleeping in the cradle


3. Write the definition for dangle.

Dangle mean to hold something loosely and the synonym of sway Good!


4. Sort by part of speech. If it can go in two boxes, PUT IT IN TWO BOXES.

  • burst, chilly, decision, dentist, dew, disappear, dusty, farmer, firefly, fix, fluffy



  1. Decision

  2. Dentist

  3. Dew(canbe verb)

  4. Farmer

  5. firefly


  1. Bust(also can go to noun)

  2. Disappear

  3. fix(canbe noun)


  1. Chilly

  2. Dusty

  3. Fluffy


5. Describe something delicious that you have eaten before.

The food that I had ingested before and it delicious is fried morning glory with beef, it taste oily and a little bit spicy make me want to eat more.


6. Write me a sentence using the word drawer.

I had putted my pencils and my books in my drawer under the table.


7. Write the Khmer word for: edge.

The khmer word of edge is ជ្រុង


8. Tell me about a time when you have felt fear. Use sensory information.

The time that I had fear is When I stay alone and the condition is windy. Also, the it have a loud sound or falling sound.


9. Choose all that are correct: which animals have flippers?

  1. whale b. dolphin

  c. seal d. cat

  d. horse e. turtle


[/wr_item_tab][wr_item_tab heading=”Vocab Quiz #3″ disabled_el=”no” ]

Name: Visal

Date: October 2,2015

1. Sort the following by part of speech: , , , , , , , , , , , , . If a word can be more than one part of speech, PUT IT IN MORE THAN ONE BOX.






















2. What does it mean to gallop?

Gallop means to run at a very fast pace of animal. Example: horse  


3. Name two things that are glossy and two other things that glow.


Two things that are glossy are:

The page of the magazine

The gold ring

The diamond

Two things that are glow are:


Computer screen  

Head light


4. If you were standing under a mango tree and a strong gust of wind came through, what might happen?

If I stand under of the mango tree and the strong gust of wind came through, The mangos will fall down, and if their no mengos the leaves will fall down.


5. If you made beautiful invitations to your birthday party, would you include everyone at Liger or not? Why?

If I made beautiful invitations to my birthday party, I will include and give my beautiful invitations to everyone at Liger and some facilitators that are living in urban or remote place of Cambodia to come too because I want my party to be distinctive than other birthday party.  



6. A knight wears armor, carries a webponds, lives near a castle and protects king and queen also persour the castle.


7. Write me an example sentence using the word glance.

When their were a big exam, the majority of the students glace to other students work.  


8. Get a scrap piece of paper and draw me a picture of a herd of animals with hooves. Don’t forget to write your name on it.


9. Write the Khmer translation for the following words:

  1. gust កម្លាំងនៃខ្យល់​

  2. follow តាម​ (ដើរ គេង​ លេង ដម្រាប)

  3. lazy ខ្ជិល

  4. gentle ស្លូតបូត

  5. herd ប្រអប់ជើងសត្វ​ដែលរឹង (គោ សេះ ក្របី)

32/34[/wr_item_tab][wr_item_tab heading=”Vocab Quiz #4″ disabled_el=”no” ]

Name: Visal

Date: October 26, 2015


1. Sort the following words by part of speech: library, melt, market, pace, museum, peaceful, leaf, miserable, pond, note


















2. If you were in a small boat, in the middle of a large lake, and you sprung a leak, what would you do?

If I was in the small boat in the middle of a large lake, and I my boat have a leak. For my solution is to mend the leak so there are no more leak in my boat.   


3. Write the Khmer translation for each word:

  1. month​​ ខែ

  2. pair គូរ

  3. peck (bird) ចឹក


4. Write me one example sentence for EACH meaning of the word patient. What part of speech is each?

patient​ Noun: In the race there were a lot of patient

Adjective: Vuthy is a patient man beause he always . Okay, but this does not tell me what patient means….

(Noun): The cambodian doctor


5. Grab a piece of scrap paper and draw me a picture of a a polite pilot with a plan. Do not forget to write your name on it. Be creative, this question is worth four points.


6. Tell me about a time when you have gotten muddy. Use sensory information.

The time that I got muddy was riding my bicycle (at home). At that time I was looking at my grandma’s house and in front of my trajectory there was a mud, then I got into that mud and my shirt was full of muddy and it smells like animal dung. I strongly feel that I have to take a shower. When I take the shower I uses a lot of powder to wash my cloth, but the stain couldn’t get off until my mom gave me the bleach to put it on my cloth. Then after 5 minutes the stain was getting out of my cloth it little by little, but the time that it get off is fluctuated, I think that this is more efficient than I did with no bleach.  


7. Name three things that are pointy.


The end part of the pen


26.5/27 Good work with T3 words!

[/wr_item_tab][wr_item_tab heading=”Vocab Quiz #5″ disabled_el=”no” ]

Name: Visal

Date: November 9, 2015


1. Sort the following words into connected groups of two. Hint: there is one pair of opposites.

bay: pond

shade: glow

scrub: chore

ship: sail  

race: pace

peaceful: relax


2. What is the difference between to slide and to slip?  

To slide mean a movement that fall down on the ground. For to slip means a movement that fall, but you can stay still as before.  


3. Sort the following words by part of speech: glance, proud, shore, silky, dangle, president, gust, protect.
















4. What does fluffy mean?

Fluffy means hairy or wooly


5. Tell me about a time when you have felt miserable.

One time that I have felt miserable was when I stay alone and none of my friend come and play with me.  


6. Would you rather eat rotten fruit or fall on top of a pointy stick?

I would rather to eat the rotten fruit even it not appetizing because when I ingest the rotten fruits I can still a life for several days. But when I fall on top of a pointy stick it means that I try to suicide myself.



7. Write ONE sentence using the words shaky and sink. Sink can be in either its noun or verb format.

I was shaky when the temperature evolve to cool, and if I ride on the boat, it wouldn’t sink because the water is freezing. Boats don’t sink in freezing water? -0.5


8. Would it be possible to draw me a round row? Why or why not?

It would be possible to draw a round row on somebody sink because we can draw a round row one the sink like a tateo.


9. What is one goal that you want to reach when you graduate from Liger?

One intention that I want to reach when I graduate from Liger is I want to learn in the university at other countries to make more experiences. My major intention to learn there are:

  1. Make more friends

  2. Take a strategy from there country to develop in Cambodia


10. Tell me about ONE of your most memorable (favorite) scenes from a movie or show you have seen. Use sensory information.

One of my most memorable scenes from the movie that I had seen are:

In the movie call Tinkerbell I had one scenes that is my most memorable, are when Tinkerbell damage the moonstone and I was really nervous. But then she was deferring the pieces of the moonstone to a beauty tree.  


[/wr_item_tab][wr_item_tab heading=”Vocab Quiz #6″ disabled_el=”no” ]

Name: Visal

Date: November 19,15


1. Choose three verbs and tell me what they mean:

  1. to sniff: inhale breathing

  2. to sparkle

  3. spotted (to spot)

  4. to spring: to jump rapidly

  5. to stare: to look at something with a strong force


2. Sort the following words by part of speech: soapy, sparkle, spotted, summer, wish, young















3. Name three supplies that you would need to build a house.





4. Answer each question with ONE word:

  1. A synonym for tangled is: messy

  2. A tent is a kind of: house

  3. A elephant has a long: trunk


5. Fill in the blanks with a word from the box.


week     trunk     spring     trade     wiggle     warm


a. _____spring ____ is the season when it is ___warm___ outside.


b. I would like to __trade ___ you this piece of pizza for your hamburger. What do you think?


c. This ___week ___ we have two tests!


d. Please put the cooler and the luggage in the __trunk ___.


e. After it rained, I saw all the worms start to ___wiggle __ out of the soil.


f. I store all of my personal items in a big __trunk ___ that I keep under my bed.



6. Tell me two things that you would like to do if Cambodia had winter.

Thing that I want to do in Cambodia if we had winter are, running one the river and devour snow.  


7. Use BOTH meanings of wave in one sentence. Make Up

Near the bay of Thailand I saw abundance waves, then suddenly I was startled to see Vettey at there and immediately waved to her.   



Math class

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On Monday we are starting book 7A. This is is very exciting. As we move on to new/harder material we will be taking regular quizzes and tests each week. The goal is not scare anybody, but to make sure that we are all understanding the material and the vocabulary.



Each week I will try to post the main learning goals on Sunday so that you can know what to expect and help get yourself prepared.


This weeks big learning goals:




Lowest Common Multiple

Greatest Common Factor

Prime Numbers

Prime factorization

Square Roots

Cube Roots


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Chapter 2 – Math 7A


Hey guys,


Good job for the first week. In general we all did pretty well on the assessment


This week’s big topics will include some new material, so do not worry if you look at the list below and you don’t know what some of the topics are or mean. We will go over everything in class. We will have an assessment on this material. I’m not sure if it will be this week or next week. It depends how long it takes us to understand the material.


Negative Numbers

Rational Numbers

Absolute Value

Rounding Decimals


In addition to the work in the textbook I will be listing some Khan Academy videos/practice on the topics. This is not homework. It is just an extra resource for those of you who would like to do some independent practice/learning.


Absolute Value


Negative Numbers


Rounding Decimals