Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

Name: Visal Sao

Date: July 20, 2016

Changing Cambodia 2015-2016

A mini country that born long time a go and had left heritage things to there nation, a country that currently have a population estimated around 15 million. A country that located in the middle of the two ancient country, and that country is Cambodia. At this time Cambodia is still developing country, so it needs a lot of the investments and facilitators to bring them out of the poverty, plus some more academic stuffs for government school according to Visal a writer of this essay. In the ordinary, to changing Cambodia is remarkably sophisticated thus there is one technique that Liger had used, it is to change step by step. In this year from 2015-2016 Cambodia had made a lot of event to negotiate with the Cambodian citizen to stop walking with a wrong direction and shake a leg for a brighter road. In general Cambodia face abundance of issues include global and local, and those issues will soon solved.

Last year I had mentioned about something that Cambodia should change, and some of it had changed and some of it won’t change. Every year the problem always come and the old problem is still there, and those old problem is nearly become a culture of bad habit. In this four years I always elevate the point of plastic, according to my experience plastic is every where even on the beach, forest etc. In the region of Phnom Penh from 4pm to about 8pm the road was stuck because of the traffic which made people late and this issue is occur daily. Other disease to Cambodia is the traffic accident, Cambodian knows that Cambodia has a lot of traffic accidents and people here are die of the traffic accidents almost every day. Lastly problem is, our country is insecurity, like stealing practice is happen a lot and the reason that this practice is happening because there a lot of drug trading. So when there the drug users don’t have any money they will steal money form others, my facilitator is a witness to this problem when her money was looted.

As I said before to change Cambodia is really sophisticated, so our strategy is to change step by step. My change by step is to advertise issue to people, especially people around me. In the fourth year of Liger, my advertisement to my friend at my neighborhood is tell them to stop hunting the birds when I saw them hunting. Health is really important to human, so at home when Liger has holidays kids in my village want me to teach them about football. When I’m at home I don’t have any thing to do, so I except that request and I thought them two hours per day, also I’m not teach them just only football I also teach them some exercises. So that is a really big opportunity for me to make change to my village, by the way as this is a big opportunity, I’m not taking this two hours learning about football and exercises. I started to develop the lesson, like teach them about the climate change and how to take care the environment. At the water festival we the Liger students was joined the program that the ministry of environment made (name Make my country plastic bag free) for alert the Cambodian citizens to stop using the plastic, and that program was picking the trash around Phnom Penh.

Here is what I think about my real change to Cambodia. At the start of the fourth year of Liger my team Phnong Indigenous exploration had made a book about the culture of Phnong. In that exploration we went directly to the Phnong community to interview them, at the end of the exploration we had wrote the book about Phnong Indigenous Minority and I think this is changing Cambodia by reading. At the second exploration which is create your own exploration, and my team had create an exploration about the local library. This exploration is help to maximize Cambodian students and adults read more books, as most of the communities don’t have any book to read. At the last exploration which coding exploration, and in that exploration we are the developers and we had develop a game that support the economy book that Liger students had made. The game is teach you how to be an owner of the country and you have some money to put in different sectors. At Liger we not only focus on the exploration we also focus on the experts and every Wednesday after noon my expertise is learning coding with mentor outside of Liger. At there we are making an application about the public bus in Phnom Penh, and this app is telling you where is bus arrive now. Those application will publish soon.

The correspondence between present and future is really consequential, the meaning of that is in the future what I’m going to do? Well as you had read the problems already, so what are you waiting for do you want to keep it there, no absolutely not. My first future plan is to reduce traffics, to reduce it I’m going to make an application that tells to location of the traffic so, people could know where is the traffic and they don’t have to ride on that road. The second future change to Cambodia and the world is turn salt water into fresh water, and I came up with this idea because water is unique around 70% of your body are water and 75% of the planet earth are salter water which people can’t drink. Almost every day the population of the world is increase, so which means that they need more water, to turn sat water into fresh water, my idea is making reverse osmosis water filter. This fourth year of Liger my quote is “before I die, I want to see Cambodian resist with poverty” (Visal) and I hope my wish come true.

Experiment using SCIENTIFIC METHOD

At the holiday at the end of the fourth year of Liger, I had made an merriment of the water filter.
Scientific method start:
1. Question: Which one is filter better and faster between fine coal and thick coal?

2. Hypothesis: my hypothesis is the fine coal with sand will filter cleaner, but slower.

3. Design the experiment: I will have two cans and they all have the same things, but one is have fine coal and another is big coal.

4. Materials :
2 Cans
2 Cups of sand
1 Measure
1 Timer
1 Hummer
1 Big chunk of coal
2 Clean glasses
1 Scale
1 Neal

5. Data

Minute, Fine Coal, Big Coal
0, 0, 0
1, 7 drops, 5 drops
2, 16 drops, 17 drops
3, 21 drops, 25 drops
4, 25 drops, 30 drops

6. Conclusion
As in conclusion water filter that have flakes coal filter slower and not filter really well. For the water filter that have solid coal it filter faster and much more cleaner.

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any picture to show you:(