Vision-Setting and Professional Development

First of all, have you ever thought about your career? Do you have any concerns about it? Have you come across to a thinking that in the future you might won’t have a job or education? 

Personally, I came with these kinds of questions a bunch of time. I have a lot of worry about my future after graduating from Liger. I don’t really see my path clearly yet. I don’t really know what are my strength and my weaknesses yet, but I do know what my interests. I try to seek help with when these kinds of questions poke into my mind. So yesterday, I spent my two and half hours participate in a workshop from our senior students. I was a very great opportunity for me to spend those time in finding my career after Liger. In the workshop we sent most of the time answering the questions and discuss in a group of four. It was a bit difficult to me to share my goal with other people, but at the end of the workshop, I started to not shy of sharing. I did define my weakness and my strength, plus I created my plan in order for me to reach my goal. 

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