This year of Liger (fifth year), I was participated in the event call ISPPMUN 2016. Last year I was also paticipated in this event too, and I was the delegate of Luxembourg, but in the ISPPMUN 2016 I was the delegate of the United Kingdom. I felt really pround that I join this event because it helps me to become more brave with debating and communicate with other people. So my message is that, if you are one of the people that use to scare and shy please join different events like this MUN.

The Policy statment:

Welcome delegates from all over the world, and good afternoon ISPP chairs.

The delegate of the United Kingdom is excited to be a part of this conference. We have some very important issues to discuss over the next few days and hopefully we can come up with some agreements.  In 2013, the UK donated 35 million dollars to the World Food Project to fight hunger in Africa. We feel it is very important to find creative solutions to the problem of hunger in the world.  In terms of returning cultural artefacts to the country of origin,  The United Kingdom has the Rosetta Stone from Egypt at the British Museum plus many other artifacts, and they all very well preserved and protected, so we understand the importance of preserving cultural objects. We also are strong believers in protecting the environment and deforestation in Southeast Asia will have impact on the entire planet.  Let’s work together to create and pass some realistic resolutions. Thank you!

The question of deforestation in South-East Asia

The question of returning cultural artefacts to the country of origin

The question of feeding the world’s growing billions


The Resolution: 


QUESTION OF:  Feeding the World’s Growing Billions

SUBMITTED BY: United Kingdom

The Junior General Assembly 2,

Realizing that one-third of worldwide food produced is worth around 1 trillion dollars and is wasted or gets thrown away every year,

Keeping in mind that a flood hit the UK in 2007 and destroyed farmers land approximately 42  thousand hectares worth £89.5 thousand pounds,

Having considered that by 2030, the temperature in North America and Africa will increase by 2% and the rainfall will be 10% less,

Noting with appreciation the WFP (World Food Project) created a program of community food production,

  1. Proposes strict laws (like France) to ban the throwing away of expired fruits and vegetables;
  2. Proclaims all nations should research the use of products or objects that provide people more nutrition like  Lucky Iron Fish, or Insect flour;

Encourages teachers to teach about the food shock so they can know about the food crisis that we are facing now and in the future.


In this report it is talking about the debate of the delegates of the United Kingdom with is me in the Junior Assembly 2

Liger Digital Currency

My third round of the Exploration at 5th year, I was participated in doing code for the Liger Digital Currency (LCD). Since our director and founder suggested that by the sixth year of Liger, we would use the digital currency for the seniors to pay their food. So the school decided to create an application for the digital currency. For me, it was quite challenging to write codes, since I don’t really know that much of the coding. During that Exploration, I spent a lot of time writing codes and fixing bugs, as an example, at night I spent about 2.5 hours of 3.5 hours of free time to write codes (and the rest were doing homework). The process took a long time for me, I had to think different solutions and syntaxes to solve a problem. At the Exploration time, there were 5 members worked on different categories like 2 were working on the UX, 1 worked for UX and UI, and 2 working on the UI also our mentor, Allie, helped to organize and teach us. My role in the team was to jumping around from the UI to the UX, so it was uneasy to do that. I was very proud to finish the application in 7 weeks and showed it to our school director and founders. Sadly, there were a ton of errors in the app, then Allie come and invited me and my partner, Vuthy, to finish the app on time in the next 2 months! After hearing that news, I felt a bit happy and stress! Because I don’t think that app will work well, so both of us spent the whole summer break to finish the app on time. We changed most of the things like the user interface and the user experience. At my hometown, I woke up at 8:00 AM and at 9:30 AM I work on the application the whole day until 12:00 PM with small breaks. I felt a bit exhausted with the app, and the difficulty of communicating with my partner since we are about 200 Km away from each other. At last, the app working well, and it looks perfects to me, and people start using it. As a quote said, coding never ends. I love this thing!

Link to the appl:

Link to the Github:


The front page of the app!


Transferring page!