Hackathon 2016

At the weekend Liger was invited to join the event call the Hackathon, and I am one of the students who went to that event also. This event is similar to the event call the Start Up Weekend, where we go into our group and spend the whole weekend making an app. So our team was trying to create an app about solving healh problem in Cambodia. “Let’s think about this, one family sick and they don’t know where to go also there’s no hospital, what should they do?” This is the problem that we are facing in Cambodia, so our team wants to introduce the teachnology to them by creating an app about it. What they have to do is just texting to us by SMS and answer all the questions that we have and at the last we give them the result. At the end of the week all the team must present their app to judges, so lastly our team got the THIRD PLACE of all the team who participate in it.


VEX Robotics competition

Our team!
That is our robot, everyone seems tired!

Last few terms of Exploration, I spent about 100 hours working on programming and building the robot for only two days of competition. You might wonder what competition did I participate in? Well, the competition that my team participates in is called the VEX robotics, it occurred in Taiwan at the Taipei America school. For my experience work on programming is a bit difficult because to code for this robot’s brain needs to be a C programming language, and I have a really little experience on C programming. I comprehended a lot of knowledge like learning C programming, building robots learn to collaborate with our team and more. I think that I have this Exploration is extremely powerful because we did inspire a lot of Cambodian students who love robotics adult’s mine set since we are the first team who join in this VEX competition from Cambodia. I felt apprehensive when one day before the was competition started when only three people from our team will control the robot and I was in one of those three. On that day I saw a lot of robots from different regions around Asia. We did practice controlling the robot but sadly our robot was really slow, while we are trying to practice our alliance came and trying to develop our robot by giving us 4 393motors to us which is really helpful to improve our robot’s speed. I felt so scared being in the competition while more than 300 eyes focus on us and trying to competing with other teams who are older than us (not age older, but experience older). The result shows that in 6 games we won 3 times, and then we did enjoy Taiwan! 


  • At Taiwan Samnang and I walked more than 5km carrying a box of the robot for 30 kg with a short amount of stops also with our 7 kg bags each. At last, we got big mussels on our hand on this trip. 😉
  • Before the day that we went to Taiwan, all the mechanic and programming team didn’t get sleep for the whole night, just trying to finish the robot and get ready for the competition tomorrow!  
  • One day after the competition, most of us went to the top of the mountain of Taiwan. OMG, the view was really awesome there a lot of clouds surrendering me and I felt really fresh!