My Germany Researching

Germany flag
Germany map

Germany Description: Germany is the very good country. Germany is in Europe continent and they have 80,716,000 people which is 226 people per km^2 estimated in 2014 . The full name if Germany is Federal Republic of Germany. Germany have 16 states and the capital is city is Berlin. The total area is 357,168 km^2. Germany is the third biggest exporter and importer in the world. In 2015 the GDP(Gross Domestic Product) of Germany is $3.413 trillion which is $41,955 per capita. The country that near Germany is Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and Netherlands. The currency of Germany is Euro and the official language is German. Germany is in United Nation(UN) and they drive on right side. Germany doesn’t have any queen or king, so it mean that they have precedent. ​​In September 1,1939 Germany started world war 2 followed by Adolf Hitler. And it ended in September 2,1945 because Germany followed by Adolf Hitler committed suicide.

Cleaning the pagoda

In the second years of the school we went to pagoda. We went there for cleaning the pagoda because in that time the pagoda was messy. Then we helped to clean it. All Liger students were happy because they thought that they has been changed Cambodia a little bit already and they enjoy cleaning the pagoda. After we finished cleaning the pagoda the monk gave us three boxes of cokes and other drinks. We think that we had a lot of cokes, then we gave some of cokes to the kids at the pagoda.

Cleaning leaves
House 3 + 4 cleaning
Clean leaves with monks
House 1 + 2 cleaning have a drink
We had a coke
2.just arrive pagoda
Finished cleaning



Biology Description

Learning Facilitator: Jojo

Number of students: 17

Advanced Enrichment Days: (Thursday-Friday)

Session: 3

Biology means learning or understanding about life, the human body etc. In class we learned part of Ecology: how biotic and abiotic factors connect with each other. The parts of Botany, like how plants make photosynthesis, and about the human body (heart). In class we studied and watched some videos. We also made an experiment. At the first day we learned about heart; the heart is like a machine that pushes the blood through our body every day; every time it is always bumping and pumping. If we run or play sport the speed of our heart changes faster because it needs to push the blood and oxygen through our body so we can continue our work. When we get older our hard work is slower. If we are young our hard work is faster than older people. All living things need energy, reproduce, have cells and DNA and so on. DNA is the code of life; if you don’t have DNA you are not alive. Cells are divided into two, prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells. Eukaryotic cells are the cells that are in animals, trees and so on, and it have organelles, DNA and a nucleus. Prokaryotic cells are cells that have DNA only. We learned about life, and life is divided into eight types: Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Genus, Family and Species. My favorite time in this class was making experiments with my friends.

Reading Decription

Name of course: Reading
Learning Facilitator: Caroline
Number of students: 7
Advanced Enrichment Days: (Monday-Tuesday)
Session: 3

This class is like a literacy class too, but we focused about reading and finishing homework. Every week all Liger students read their own book. So the teacher that stays with the students while they read had only one teacher. So this class can help her to have a chance to stay with the students while they are reading. Sometimes when students didn’t have anything to work on we played games that teach you English. For me, most of the time that I am free, I always did says and means and read the book again to make sure that I understood what the book is about.