Waste Management

After the 7 weeks of Liger Digital Currency Exploration, I was insisted to learn about Wasted Management, which is kind of economic class. There were about 12 or 13 students in the group, and this time we spent less time on the screen instead more listening. This Exploration had continued from the last two Waste Management Exploration and every students have to learn this course. The goal of the Exploration was to help cleaning up the community and still make money out of it, our business plan was to collect the trash and organic waste from each house and shop then turns those into a usable product. The challenge to the plan was, people don’t really separate their waste so it is difficult to take all of those organic waste to turn into compost. Moreover, we was continued to finish the compost from the last team that they had made in tumblers. The last 2 weeks of the exploration we began to test our compost with different plants like morning glory, bok choy, and other. At the third week of the Exploration, we went to Batambong to do a research of how to make compost and visited the landfill at there. We went to the comped company that take organics waste (we also help them to collect the organic waste and it was really fun to me doing that) and turn it into a compost. After the trip, we don’t really have a plan of doing this, but we helped to take a survey about people’s waste at Arrrey Kasat at our weekend. I think this exploration helped me to understand more detail of the economy and the waste that people had also the behavior of separating the waste. I learned who to use the business cava and how to write the report (our report about the survey were sent to the ministry of environment). I enjoyed with this Exploration, even though sometime it felt boring of listen every day for 2 hours.  


Compost at COMPED
Lunch at my house
Trash near our school