Animation Exploration

The beginning of the year, I chose to challenge myself in a skill that I was not good at, drawing. It was an animation exploration, I am very interested in animation. I tried for the past few years, to create an animation of my science book but I didn’t really have great success with it. In the exploration, our mentor pushed us to draw 20 pictures week. I was bored of drawing, but as we learn deeper and deeper I start to like drawing. From this experience, I learned that even though you think that the subject is not your type, but you just need to give it a try.

Check this video of my old animation of the science books:

On September 09, 2017 we got an immense opportunity to visit IthinkAsia (one of the famous animation studio in Cambodia); it was a really powerful experience to see all the projects that they have done. A guy working for IthinkAsia is a really professional animator, he worked on different movies like the Kung Fu Panda 03. We got to meet people who experience with sound editing and other Cambodian animators. Personally, I feel really enjoyed with the trip and I learned more details in animation. On September 27, 2017, we went there again, that time was to learn about animation frame by frame animation. We used the computer that has a built-in tablet where we can draw by hand and it would print digitally. I created a mini animation of a bouncing ball and it looked really great to me. Sadly, I forgot to export my bouncing ball animation, but I still have a strong experience learning at there.  

I’m looking at the back of the big screen!
IthinkAsia tough us about the animations!
This is the discussion about the future plan!