Basketball Competition 3×3

My first event for in this seventh year of Liger is basketball game. The Cambodian Basketball Federation hosted a FIBA 3 on 3 competition U18. The competition requires 2 boy and 2 girls in a team. I am interestin in basketball, so I brought two teams from Liger to participate in the competition. The event hosted in a stadium that looked really epic! It was a national stadium, and it appealed beautiful with the lights. I wish to play on those kinds of the field, and I did.

Before the game, there was an opening game where people with diability play basketball with each other.

The game went really well, the teams our group was really advanced. We won the first game; we were really happy with the result. It was scary to play on the field; I missed a lot of layups. In the second game, it was extremely hard, there was a guy who is a 3 pointer and he was really good at it. The result was lost! We need to win the third game in order to move to the next stage and we played with another great team who’s players are in the national team. We tried our best to compete with them but we just not good enough to beat them. And we lost again! 

So we just kissed the knockout stage and went home. But at the final stage, the teams that we lost were played with each other again. It was really a powerful experience to me. I now know where am I and I learned a lot of others moves. I love this event and I hope they would host it every year!

This is how the stadium looks like!
This is everyone who participated in the event!


SAT Boot Camp

It was my last day of the summer break, and I felt like time was running really fast! I enjoyed my last day by riding a bike to an open rice field and indulge myself with the sunset.  The next day, I arrived Liger and feeling sad about seeing my parent went home. opposite of that, it was a new year, new apartment, new roommates, and new school year. I felt really ready for the first class of the year. 

Guess what, we start the class with a PSAT test! It was really funny to me and it turned out that I did pretty well on it. So our first two weeks of Liger, we started with the SAT boot camp. Our exam will be in the next one month and a half. To be honest, the boot camp was really boring but we just need to face it! We learn many strategies to take the test and it was really helpful! Every student endeavored to finish the intense homework that was given — some of us would be sleepless. Moreover, in that two weeks, we took three PSAT test which is about 12 hours in total. It was really suffering and fun experience with this beginning of the year!  

Full tests:

This is an example of a technique that uses for implicit and explicit questions in the reading section of the SAT. 



The writing section of the SAT.
That was a group photo with our mentors in the middle.