Welcome to Senior Campus

At the fifth year of Liger all the senior students will come to the new apartment and it was really phenomenal, it similar to a floating house. The design is above the ground around a meter, and the room, the bed, and every things were different than the last house. At the new campus we have to manage our own money and our own food. Since I live here about two months, I had cooked my own food, it seem difficult at the first time but then it become easy at second and third time. I think that our new campus is really a spot for us to learn because I get a lot of good input from it.  

This is at night.
This is at night.
We invite the junior kids to come and have a party
We invite the junior kids to come and have a party

Coding Exploration

In our coding class we had a volenteerfacilitator my Michel. We had worked with him nearly 3 months and he had taugh us a lot of things also he had exspire me a lot like using canvas and github. While the lesson start we making a game that talking about the Cambodia economyto support our economy book. My team is working on the turtorial how to use our game. I think this is my powerful moment to work with my team example we have planty of fun even though we don’t have engough time to finish it I still proud of my team to making the tutorial to our game. Here is our github, we not yet finish it yet, but just take a look on it. Liger Economy Github.

Javascript Example code:

1 $("#click-here").blind("click", function(event) {
2      $("#page-2").show();
3      $(".page-1").hide();
4      $(".money").show();
5 });