SAT Boot Camp

It was my last day of the summer break, and I felt like time was running really fast! I enjoyed my last day by riding a bike to an open rice field and indulge myself with the sunset.  The next day, I arrived Liger and feeling sad about seeing my parent went home. opposite of that, it was a new year, new apartment, new roommates, and new school year. I felt really ready for the first class of the year. 

Guess what, we start the class with a PSAT test! It was really funny to me and it turned out that I did pretty well on it. So our first two weeks of Liger, we started with the SAT boot camp. Our exam will be in the next one month and a half. To be honest, the boot camp was really boring but we just need to face it! We learn many strategies to take the test and it was really helpful! Every student endeavored to finish the intense homework that was given — some of us would be sleepless. Moreover, in that two weeks, we took three PSAT test which is about 12 hours in total. It was really suffering and fun experience with this beginning of the year!  

Full tests:

This is an example of a technique that uses for implicit and explicit questions in the reading section of the SAT. 



The writing section of the SAT.
That was a group photo with our mentors in the middle.

The Tech4Good Event×321.png

During the past 3 weeks, Sreyneag and I got invited to participate in a collaborative event at the Asia Foundation. The event was about talking to other startups who play a major role in Phnom Penh. For the first time, I felt a bit shy and did not feel comfortable to do it since everyone in the event are high-level people. From time on, I began to talk to one person, then another and another and everyone would want to come and talk to me and Sreyneag. People would ask me a lot of questions related to Liger, and I tried my best to answer all of the questions. Most of the questions was, “how do you get to learn at Liger?” To be honest this question was a bit boring to me. When I answered it, they started to ask more into it and how can I remember all of it since it was 6 years ago! Indeed, I felt awesome to talk to different people and get to know their experiences. 

One important lesson that I learn about choosing the right person the work is to use the trust. Mr. Morokot was a tech person who owns a startup that now very successful said that: I higher people because I trust that person to do great things to the company and if he/she can not do it there is nothing I can do just to kick them out. That was a phenomenal lesson that I learn from Mr. Morokot! 

HIV Workshop

HIV is one of the topics that I wonder? I used to hear about HIV and AIDs, but I never get a chance to go deeply into it. For the past 3 years, I learned about the poverty in Cambodia and we did come across the topic of HIV. Moreover, we went to a community at Kampong Chhnang where most of the family got HIV and did some interview while I don’t really know about HIV. 

However, our senior students had come up with a workshop about HIV. It was a phenomenal workshop for me, I can get a better understanding of HIV. One of the activity was lean creating an HIV simulation. For people who got HIV, they need to take pills very consistently or else the virus will get worse. So what they simulate was, the participants need will have candy; they need to take the candy that acts as a medicine consistently within 20 minutes. It was a really cool experience for me to do that simulation and I did take the pills very consistent. I learned a lot with this workshop and it worth with the time it took me.

Women in STEM – Women International Day

Our seniors talked about their marine project!

It’s March 8th and it’s also Women International Day most work of Liger stuffs has a day off. Not to be mean but Women International Day in this country seems a little bit quiet. In out Khmer class we had a discussion about why we have this event! I was very happy to learn about this because I can have a better understanding of women’s issue around the world and of course being a good husband in the future. 

Previously in physics class, we learned about women in STEM and we can see that there weren’t that many women in the STEM. So on that day, I was being a part of the participants at the event called “Girls in Science & Technology” lead by Cambodia Children’s Fund foundation. There were a lot of women at there presenting about their projects, and two of our Liger group were there to present there application and marine project. 

It was a very cool event to see only women projects and they are very incredible; I’m proud of them. One of the projects was working with Bluetooth and a car. The car was very fancy and the motion of the car was very smooth which explain to me that they give a lot of hard work into it. 


Gender Submit

Gender Walk.

In our literacy class, we learn about gender! The final result of list lesson is to write a news article about gender. My topic is about the insulting word call “Bitch”. I have a concern why this word is so popular in current world; personally, I think this word bring women’s value to the ground very hard. 

I went to do some research on the web and interview people at the riverside at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. There were a lot of responses, both good and bad, to this topic. There were plenty of challenges to me in doing this project: One, is the time, our facilitator helped to push us this project because she needs this for the Exploration project. Second is the structure, I found out that it was very hard for me to write a news article (since that was my first time). As a result, I end up finishing the project on time with my friend helped to edit.

Students from different schools.

Moreover, Liger hosted an event called “Gender Submit” and I also participate in that event. That was a very great event for me to get in-depth about gender, so I can use this idea and help to distribute to people in my village. I think that gender equity is one of the main issues where people in this country don’t really think about it. Men were more educated than women, while women were more likely to leave work after giving birth. 

These are the problems, participating in “Gender Submit” provides me stronger ideas of how we make changes in my country. I was very excited to have other students from a different type of schools to join this event. I have a dream that every school in the world should have this event once a year as a door for children to see the real world because this is not a women issue, it’s human rights issue. 

Word of the Day: Manipulation

Every day in English literacy class, our first to do list is the word of the day. In order to become better in English, our facilitator is also improving our vocabulary skills. So one of the words is called manipulation that means, handle or control in a skillful manner; control or influence a person or situation in a clever exploitative manner. 

My example is: For my experience, if we get so interest in something people can easily manipulate on you, so you can their product or service.

Most of the day when I’m free I listen to this National Podcast Radio (NPR) of TEDx and one of the topics that interest me is manipulation. In the topic of manipulation, there is a podcast of Tristan Harris: Do Our Devices Control More Than We Think? This is a really cool podcast that talks about how big company like Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Snapchat uses us. It shocked me when Harris give us an example of Snapchat, this application is the number one way that teenagers in America communicate. Harris said, SnapChat also creates a system call Snapstreak where it shows the number of streaks that people communicate. So if a person got streaks they don’t want to lose that streak so every day they just post and post and it’s like dragging them in. This is a really amazing news for me!

Sport: Biking and Running at Siem Reap

The last two day we participated in a sports competition at the Siem Reap; this competition involved two types of sports Biking and Running. For biking, there are three options 17 Km, 37 Km, and 110 Km; I was doing the 37 Km bike race. Two days competition takes place at Angkor Thom temples, and there were a lot of participants. It was a really powerful experience for me to ride the bike and enjoy the beauty of Angkor Wat. The path was really challenging and some parts of the path aren’t challenging; there was a path that crosses the jungles and temples. In the end, it took me about 2 hours to finish it. 

Yesterday at the same station there also a half Marathon run but I’m actually doing the 10 Km run. It was a very busy race from my estimation there were about 10 thousand runners in total. There was a variety of runners, western, Asian, family, and people with disability. It took me about 3 minutes in order to get to the front row when we ran. The distance was a bit longer than where we practice (we spent about 2 or 3 months in training). After 5 Km for me, I was very tired while I ran this guy comes and motivate me and comforted me; I then take that motivation to motivate to this stranger runner who about to give up so I just run with me until the end of the run. I learned that if one start the other will start too. Throughout the whole run, I did run the whole time without stopping; my final time was about 50 minutes which bring me to the top 100. 

Theara bike in the forest.

Processing3 with Oled Live Typing

During my second round of the Arrowdot’s lesson, we went to a very advanced code using Process3 and a library call Control P5.  This is an example of how

we use the Processing 3 and Control P5 library. We have an Oled, Arduino MEGA, and a computer to program. So what the process does is it runs and get all of the value from the keyboards and print those to the screen on the oled. I found that it was medium easy to write the code, what the code did is to get all of the numbers and texts but not the special characters like Shift, Ctrl and more. So when the user clicks Ctrl, it would clear all of the text that the user type. I get really excited to do all of those things! 


import processing.serial.*;
import controlP5.*;

ControlP5 cp5;
Serial com;

void setup(){
 size(300, 100);
 com = new Serial(this, "COM17", 9600);
 cp5 = new ControlP5(this);

void draw(){

void keyTyped(){
 if((int) key != 8){

void keyPressed(){
 if((int) keyCode == 17){

TosTov: Interview passengers at Takeo

One week before TEDxISPP, I went to Takeo province to do interviews with passengers for our TosTov team.  We spent the whole morning doing interviews with people at Takeo market and it went well for our small team. We divided into two main teams one is driver interview team and the other was the passenger interview team. I was on the team of passengers interview and we walked around the market to ask them some questions about how their traveling looks like. 

Our team was doing okay, we got really good responses and they answer every friendly with respects. For 1 hour and 30 minutes interview we got about 10 responses, but there is a guy who went into this confrontational mood that shocked us. I was the one who asks him the question but he didn’t understand our service and we started to have a small debate on our service. From that time on, I learn to be calm and respect others responses even though it right or wrong.

Theis is how much time that each passenger waits before the taxi start hitting the road.

Voluntary in Helping Improve people’s eyes


First of all, I believe that everyone should be really proud that you can see the beauty of our mother nature, it is really sorrow for people who blind that can’t those beauties and if those people who stay in front of us they should deserve a greater opportunity than you. Today I was a volunteer the whole morning from 7:00AM to 2:00PM to help an organization that calls the Khmer Eyes Sight Foundation to give free surgery on villager’s eyes. This took place in the district where Liger is and during that time there were a lot of people especially adults come to have eyes check. 

Our friends help to organize the whole event by registering people name, finding blood pressures and explain what going to happen since we speak the same language. Some of them were taken to the city to do the surgery right away and it for FREE. I feel really proud to help save people life because eyes are really important for people if we blind we can’t do things much in this country. Now we still have a connection with that foundation and we went to many places in the country to help do surgery in their eyes.