Khmer Rouge Exploration


The main building that store bone and skulls of the Killing Field

From 1970 to 1975, Cambodia was in its peak point of the its worse regime, people with the same nation were colonized it own people with enforcement of slavery, torture, and kill. During that regime, people don’t have enough food, over work, and not social communication. That genocide killed thousands and thousands of people; currently there were and skulls of people floating out of the ground and different NGOs collect them and store it safely.


As I am one of the Cambodian, I found that it is really important to know about our country and analyses what went right and what went wrong so we don’t have to walk on the same footprint of the country again and again. In the 2016 and 2017 years of Liger, I was participated a Khmer Rouge Exploration, I feel sorrow for the people that were killed during that time. We went to the S21 jeal and the Killing Field to see all the bones and the place that used to kill people. In the Exploration my role was to create a story of the show for the visitor to watch with 49 actors. I spent a lot of time doing that, sometime in the essential class I asked my facilitator to work on the story. Sadly, everything turns out to be fail due to the time constrain . I feel an immense regret on this since it shows that I don’t respect the people who die at that time. I’m sorry, I tried my best but I can’t finish it on time.


Peace that buried people, who got killed during that time!

This is the story

Performance Character’s Structure

The_Story: Khmer Rouge Play