Internship at Arrowdot at Summer Break

In the summer break this year, August to September, I had spent 4 weeks to do an internship at an electronic and engineering startup calls Arrowdot at Phnom Penh. There were three other students from Liger who did the internship, the four of us worked very hard in this internship. We did the internship voluntary without them paying us. What we did was we went to help set up their class (since they teach the student every day), create PCB, making drones, and help their students about electronics. I found out that was a real opportunity for me to manage my time, budget, and transportation. I lived with my aunt’s house and every day at lunch I have to find the food store near the place where I had my internship. I got some money from my mom, so I have to manage my budget really well or else I don’t have lunch to eat. From this internship, I got a chance to dig into a very advanced electronic circuit and advance coding plus engineering. The funny part from that was to cut the PCB board using the CNC machine, I got really scared of doing that but I still tried my best to do it. By doing this, it opened me to a variety of inputs which led me to do a TED TALK about the ICT field in Cambodia.

Arrowdot Internship

Arrodot also provided us a training class for six months to learn about the basic and advance idea of the electronics and engineer. I got to meet a lot of new friends from this internship, I got a lot of university friends and teachers. I had a really strong hope to do more internship in different NGOs or Companies in this country.