Forest Ecology Description


Exploration Name: Forest Ecology

Exploration Dates: Oct 7, 2013 – Nov 19, 2013

Number of students: 12

Essential Questions:

(1) What is an ecosystem?

(2) What is a natural resource?

Description:   An ecosystem is the living things and the non-living things connecting with each other. The one example is algae. Algae take the sunlight for food and fish eat algae and then people eat fish. This is one connection. In Ecosystems class we had a journey book to take notes or write keywords that we don’t know what that word means. In Ecology class the first topic that we learned was tropical forest. We did not just learn only tropical forests but we also learned a lot of kinds of forests like conifers and others. A tropical forest is the forest that has rain a lot all year. We also learned about ecological relationships. Ecological relationships mean that one organism and another organism connect with each other. Ecological relationships are divided in five parts. They are parasitism, commensalism, predator-prey, mutualism and competition. Our Ecology group went to Mondulkiri province to study there. We spent six days at Mondolkiri. We met a lot of people like Bunong people. On Saturday we came back to our school and we shared what we learned.

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Moth Essay


Moths are insects. They like to fly at night and some fly in the morning too. They have two wings , six legs and a lot of colors round their wings and they are related to the butterflies. Their antennas are different to butterflies antennas. Moth antennas don’t have the knob. But the butterflies antennas have the knob. The moth sleep with open wings. When they land on somethings they use their feet to taste. Butterflies and moths start life the same way. Their both have a lot of predators like to eat them.

Larva life: Moths start as an egg. Then the egg become to the caterpillar it take around 15-16 days. The caterpillars come to the pupa. so the pupa become to the moth. They are near the bottom of food web. One kind of the caterpillars look like the predators. One kind of caterpillars do like the super snack because they want to make the predators skare. When the caterpillars stingus us it hurt for 20 minutes. Fiercest Caterpillar call Puss moth spots on front look big black eyes. The caterpillars is the Champion of eating. A lot of caterpillars eats plants and leaves. But some kind of this caterpillars are eating the meat. When skin of the caterpillars are get too tight it take the old skin out. Then new skin coming and the caterpillars they eating more.

Transformers: When the caterpillars take out of their skin from 4-5 times it molt for last time then it going to be pupa. When caterpillars become to pupa it not eating any things. After that the pupa start to open then the moth come out. The bat like to fly at night and the moths like to fly at night too so when the bat see the moths they eat the moths. But some moths are so smart they fly zigzags to make the bat they hart to eat them. Some moths heard the sound of the bat when they come to eat them. One more kind of them just stand on land when the bat come to eat. They take out the bad smell for the bat can’t not eat.

Camouflage: This insects so smart they use camouflage to hide from predators and make them skair. The camouflages of moths was open wing into blend of trees bark or rock. Some camouflage make moth looks like the stinging bees.

Smell Poem

By: Visal, Sophat, Puthea and Panharith

The yummy smell of a pink Strawberry.

And the spicy odour of Chilli.

Or the chocolate aroma of a sweet cookies.

The tempting smell of a steaming potato.

And the stink of Lubricants from a moto.

Or the sour odour of a yellow mango.

The rotten smell of an old Banana.

And the aroma of a my lovely Papa.

Or the sweaty stink of a big Gorilla.