Processing3 with Oled Live Typing

During my second round of the Arrowdot’s lesson, we went to a very advanced code using Process3 and a library call Control P5.  This is an example of how

we use the Processing 3 and Control P5 library. We have an Oled, Arduino MEGA, and a computer to program. So what the process does is it runs and get all of the value from the keyboards and print those to the screen on the oled. I found that it was medium easy to write the code, what the code did is to get all of the numbers and texts but not the special characters like Shift, Ctrl and more. So when the user clicks Ctrl, it would clear all of the text that the user type. I get really excited to do all of those things! 


import processing.serial.*;
import controlP5.*;

ControlP5 cp5;
Serial com;

void setup(){
 size(300, 100);
 com = new Serial(this, "COM17", 9600);
 cp5 = new ControlP5(this);

void draw(){

void keyTyped(){
 if((int) key != 8){

void keyPressed(){
 if((int) keyCode == 17){

TEDxISPP: The Impact of Technology

I participated in an event calls TED TALK at an international school here, Phnom Penh; The whole title of the event calls TEDxISPP.  This event happens every year and for this year the theme is: Creating a Hopeful Future. The speakers need to relate to that theme, my topic is about the Impact of ICT in Cambodia. 

The reason that I decide to spend hours and hours of work to this is that I am one of those students who love technology, in order to get more people interest in this field I need to promote it to them. So this is part of my advertising technique to let people know more about ICT especially  Cambodian. I took this opportunity seriously, I spent about 2 months working on the talk, I wrote the scripts, creating slides, and remember those script (the hardest part of the process). One week before the event happens, I use most of the time that I had to remember my script, sometimes I didn’t go to some classes. That was challenging to talk in front of 100 people, it pressured me while the slide didn’t work. But I love it, I really do and hopefully next year I want to do it again. 

In the talk I included the history of technology,  microcontroller and microprocessors, then there were a lot of examples of how people in this country our technology. It really shocked me at a moment that in 2015, 95% of the population own a smart phone; that is a really large amount of people.

TosTov: Interview passengers at Takeo

One week before TEDxISPP, I went to Takeo province to do interviews with passengers for our TosTov team.  We spent the whole morning doing interviews with people at Takeo market and it went well for our small team. We divided into two main teams one is driver interview team and the other was the passenger interview team. I was on the team of passengers interview and we walked around the market to ask them some questions about how their traveling looks like. 

Our team was doing okay, we got really good responses and they answer every friendly with respects. For 1 hour and 30 minutes interview we got about 10 responses, but there is a guy who went into this confrontational mood that shocked us. I was the one who asks him the question but he didn’t understand our service and we started to have a small debate on our service. From that time on, I learn to be calm and respect others responses even though it right or wrong.

Theis is how much time that each passenger waits before the taxi start hitting the road.

Crytocurrentcy Talk

There wasn’t a lot of people there.

An hour ago I participated in a talk at TEKHUB about cryptocurrency and these two brothers were the speaker, they are Cambodian but actually move outside of the country by a refugee camp. So from this experience, I now understand the difference between cryptocurrency and digital currency. These two type of currency are both virtual but by coding perspective it is different, the cryptocurrency has multiple servers like Bitcoin has what we call a Bitcoin Mining where those miner’s computer acts as a server.  Where digital currency has only one server location and this can easily control by an authority. 

The younger brother

These two brothers have an idea of creating a cryptocurrency in Cambodia but in a way that improves people literature. They create a web where people can go and read then validate that post in order to get some cash. This system calls Serey and it just similar to but just in a different region and language. About two days later they came to our school after they heard of the digital currency that we mad. From this talk, I really understand well in cryptocurrency and I hope they succeed with it.

Voluntary in Helping Improve people’s eyes


First of all, I believe that everyone should be really proud that you can see the beauty of our mother nature, it is really sorrow for people who blind that can’t those beauties and if those people who stay in front of us they should deserve a greater opportunity than you. Today I was a volunteer the whole morning from 7:00AM to 2:00PM to help an organization that calls the Khmer Eyes Sight Foundation to give free surgery on villager’s eyes. This took place in the district where Liger is and during that time there were a lot of people especially adults come to have eyes check. 

Our friends help to organize the whole event by registering people name, finding blood pressures and explain what going to happen since we speak the same language. Some of them were taken to the city to do the surgery right away and it for FREE. I feel really proud to help save people life because eyes are really important for people if we blind we can’t do things much in this country. Now we still have a connection with that foundation and we went to many places in the country to help do surgery in their eyes.

Smart School

For the past 12 weeks, I had come up with an idea of deploying a smart home system in Liger since I found out that there were some students didn’t turn off the lights or AC after they leave the room. Also, it is very important for distinguished people to come in their class and have everything prepared for fans on and AC on. So this is why I come up with this idea of creating a smart school, where anyone in Liger can turn everything off and on with their devices. So to break that down, I am working with Infrared Radiation to send signals to all of the devices in the school that us remote control. Currently, I’m working on controlling only fans in a room, Lab Innovation, first since the remote control always lost and easier devices. So under here is my circuit on the fan.

The circuit draw in

DIY and Recycle old Electronics

Today, most of the students are leaving back to their hometown for a Water Festival break. This year of water festival I don’t go home so I just stay here at the school to do other things. Well, today I spent my whole morning working on recycling my old and old speakers to make them works. I know most of them have a problem with getting the power source, my solution is I can provide the power from the wall, but it is not good the provide 100 to 200 volts of power to a 5-9 volts speaker. I then design a very simple process, I take an Arduino Uno and use the power from that instead. My concern is I don’t know what the current that the speaker needs. But it works! I can now use my speaker as before, also I create a new skin for it from cardboard.