Changing Cambodia: 2017-2018

Changing Cambodia 2017-2018

My life this year started, “Be the change you want to see in the world” (by Mahatma Gandhi). This quote guided me to travel through the rest of the school year at Liger. My ambition was to create positive changes to this country, Cambodia; I want to see changes, and to see Cambodia becomes an outstanding country from other nations around Southeast-Asia by the time I reach my life-retirement. From this ambition, I deemed to take agencies in my life this year. I have accomplished and dispatched in many events: engineering internship, robotics competition, took an AP computer science exam, and give Ted Talk. My next stride will be full of dust and snow, the path will be illusive I do not know what will be happen next, all I knew is Cambodia needs improvement on technology field.

It is my second year of high school, life is always occupied with works. The year began, I realized that in order, “To move the world, we must move ourselves”–Socrates. The two quotes above motivated me to build up my self-esteemed in creating positive changes to Cambodia and to myself. As the passion built up, I began my first step: summer internship.

From years to years, Cambodia takes a very big leap in its engineering field. Based on GeeksinCambodia published in 2015–a news website about technology in Cambodia–has stated that 90 percent of the population each own a mobile phone. The data clearly demonstrates that the majority of the population in Cambodia have access to technology. Our government attempt to do their best to grab its citizens attention on technology by promoting through STEM Festival, Maker Faire, and other collaborative events. These events ruffled numerous of change-agents to get involved into technology: I then knew Arrowdot.  

That was when I move myself!

I spent my summer-break mainly on internship at a startup called Arrowdot. During the internship, I had experienced how the society works in Cambodia. I learned to manage my own budget, transportation, and food. It was the moment where collaboration with university students and I initiated. In the internship, it was an elusive advantageous to help the company while enhanced myself. At Arrowdot, one of the missions was to give extra class to university students. My responsibility in the internship was to setup the plan for the experiments.

That responsibility required me to be familiar with the concept and turn it into an ecstatic experiments. To be honest for some labs, it took me a bunch of time to get it done: the labs was sophisticated for me. The CEO of the company always inspirit me to try again and again even though it was difficult. These hard works that were put into each project payed-off when noticing those students was full of energetic with their lab. All of them leaved the class with smiles! However it not finished, after each session that the students finished, they required to take the exam in order to graduated from Arrowdot. I was awe that some of them admitted their knowledge to me. The students seeked for supports whenever they perplex in any subjects. From this, students can master concepts at university which lead to a higher chance to be employed.

The internship was terminated, I realized that Cambodia has many change agents in technology. That internship made me gained confidence to help my country where that led me to have a Ted Talk about Cambodian Technology.

Ted Talk believes that ideas worth spreading. Yearly, International School of Phnom Penh (ISPP) hosted a Ted Talk event, and I been hunting to be one of the speakers since 2016. Finally, I got selected to be one of the speakers in 2017. I decided to give a speech that combated the old mineset that prevent those intelligent-engineers from being successful. It was a 12 minutes talk, it included example of engineering projects that are inspirational: mind control robots, sand management system, and international robotic competition. The speech has given to about more than 150 participants and has posted in the TEDx Youtube channel.

I believed that it was a number priority to change Cambodian perspective on the engineering field since words is sharper than knife–if that works it will bring many supports in engineering field. This reflects, if majority of the Cambodia keep in mind that our technology is not as high level as other country, than it is a setback that prevents Cambodian engineers to be developed. As mentioned, it is important to first change people’s perspectives while time move on technology will be better and better.

I understand changes does not have to happen from young generations, changes can happen by anyone regardless of their age, skin color, or gender. People always contribute positive changes to the country, they did not realized that they did it because change–to me–happened from one effort of doing it, not from what one think of doing it. The two examples above were the two that I always memorised. Throughout the whole year I might contributed greater than two. Everyone should have a fidelity inside them and they should begin the journey of small actions because “Idea don’t come fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started” – Mark Zuckerberg

Here is my timeline in 2017-2018 (YEAR SIXTH)

Keith’s team project, trying to find your passion and set goals for the future.
My classmate at the Arrowdot lesson, the last day of the class! 🙁
Angkor Thom race
Cryptocurrency Presentation! Listen to two brothers who’s vision was to create a Serey Coin.
Cambodia Eyes Sight check!
Arrowdot Internship during the summer break. This guy is very passionate in technology even though he thinks he not good at it.
An experiment about ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance of objects.
Visited I thinkAsia, an animation company in Phnom Penh, to learn about animation.
The picture of myself, doing a Ted Talk about Cambodia Technology.
This is a project that some of our seniors hosted to collaborate with students outside of the school in order to talk about gender.
Our TosTov meeting about our future plan!
Mr. Hongly repaired the meat with butter on top of it!
This is what it ended up after Mr. Hongly prepared
Mr. Vuthy, Mr. Rithy, and Mr. Davith were running with me. It was very tired!


That was the time where all of the seniors had their bike ride and it was the time where the JourneyOfChange lunch their business!


Mosquito Born Diseases Exploration

The Mosquito Born Diseases Exploration created to help bring awareness of mosquito through writing reports. First of all, what is a mosquito-borne disease? Mosquito-borne diseases are any diseases that have mosquito act as a vector– transmit the virus from one body to another body. Malaria and Dengue Fever are a type of Zoonotic disease– a type of disease that transmitted by animal or insect to human. Malaria is one of the main cause of death around the world; dengue fever also causes sickness. The common factor between Malaria and Dengue Fever is they all transmit by mosquito. 

Mosquito is a type of insects that uses nectar to feed themselves; they use blood to feed their larvae. Mosquito is a main factor in food chain, if we get ride them out, the food chain will get affected. Here is video from Ted ED about mosquito…

In Cambodia Malaria is really well cure, but for Dengue Fever is a major threat that causes kids and adults to get sick. If they don’t cure it on time, death could end up as a result. In addition, if a mosquito carries Malaria parasites, the larvae will not carry the parasites; for Dengue, if the mother has the virus, the larvae will also get that virus. During our Exploration period, it is a rainy season and our government sees a correlation of rainy season and the increase number of Dengue Fever and Malaria cases. Our team take this into an observation in our community, trying determine the potential causes of Dengue Fever. We compare the data between two villages and wrote a report of our study.

Our Study: