Phnong Indigenous Minority

Exploration name: Phnong Indigenous Minority
Factillitator: Phearun khom
In Phnong exploration we had did abundance of works. All of that works are changing Cambodia, but how we change it? We had made one book about Phnong(Bunong) people living at the northeast of Cambodia. So we went to Modulkiri province to discovered more about Phnong people. We went to sleep with phnong family for three days and I really enjoyed with them (food, Phnong language, etc). The way to their community was very very difficult our van was stuck into the mud. Luckily some Phnong families came and helped us to take our van out of the mud. Phnong region I think it was hard for me to live because I’m not adapted to live at the sticky soil, but that soil has a lot of nutient for plants. The time that we ate brake-first and lunch were in the region of 7:30 am and 12:00 am, but the time that we ate dinner were fluctuated because we were busy with collecting data. After we came back from Mondulkiri we tried to finish the book in the next four weeks. My job was working on layout of the book using Adobe Indesign. I tried to learn about indesign and working on my book layout because I don’t know how to use it. But I tried to learn on internet and asked friends to help me to know more about it. Now I know plenty of things on Indesign. At the end of the Exploration we finished the book. Here are some information that I learned:
The different between Ethnic and Indigenous: According to the Ministry of Rural Development had told that Ethnic groups are the group of people that just came and live in Cambodia. Indigenous groups are group of people that came and live in Cambodia for long time ago.
Phnong Forest: Phnong people believe three kinds of forests. That forests are Burri forest, spiritual forest and protective forest. All though kinds of forests they not allow to take anything from that forest because they believe minimalism.



The road to Phnong village
The road to Phnong village
How Phnong people changed
How Phnong people changed
The way to go to Phnong house
The way to go to Phnong house
Stuck into mud
Stuck into mud
They are our guide
They are our guide
The way that they take rice
The way that they take rice
Traditional house
Phnong traditional house

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Changing Cambodia 2013-2014

Hello!! Now I wold like to share to you about my changing Cambodia in 2013 to 2014. In this year I help changed Cambodia a lot like help them use less plastic. I help them by asking question. The question like (Did you burn the plastic). They says no but they bury the plastic. When they bury the plastic. 2 month by come they go back and check the plastics. But the plastic it not decompose. Then I says the plastic it not decompose. If it decompose it take 200 years – 1000 years. Then they like surprise that the plastic it decompose long time. Other than that is I help to cleanse pagoda. When we have the work job with Lyta. we are went to pagoda to cleanse. One more is I help my mom to make him don’t use a lot of plastic. I tell my mom don’t use a lot of plastic because she sell thing a lot and she use a lot of plastic to give the peoples that come to buy the thing frome my mom.